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DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces

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I love adding flowers to the table when company is coming over & I knew I wanted some fresh flowers to add to the table scape on this special day.

We had 9 tables at our venue, 6 small 3 large. So if we were going to do centerpieces that was going to be 12 at $40 a pop if I was lucky with a florist — a DIY solution was necessary.

I adore the vintage look of mason jars and knew I could get my hands on decent sized ones for less than $2 a ‘vase’.

Photo 2015-02-06, 8 52 53 PMTo make them floral arrangement class I obtained Frog Lids from Amazon. These allowed me to place the flowers exactly where I wanted and to criss cross the arrangements to give them that full look without having to completely fill the vase with flowers.

I also got floral foam from Amazon and cut the blocks into quarters to fit the pieces into the mason jars until the round jars were 90% full of square floral foam.

I was planning on preparing the arrangements at least 1 day ahead of the wedding so these helped a lot in making sure the flowers lasted until dinner Saturday night.

The arrangements were actually assembled 2 days before the reception & some of the arrangements stayed so well they were used again the following weekend in a family dinner.

Photo 2015-01-31, 7 45 07 PMTo paint them I got 4 colours of Martha Stewart craft paint. Our wedding was all vintage muted colours: mostly pink and green with some splashes of blue and ivory. Martha Stewart craft paint glided on quite nicely on the glass jars. It stays on quite well. The jars had to withstand a lot of transportation to get to their island destination & the paint only rubbed off in select places – providing a distressed look I was quite happy with.

The Wednesday before the wedding I went to my local Costco & picked up 4 bouquets of 24 roses and 2 bouquets of carnations (about 10 flowers in each). Costco has amazing prices so all the flowers cost about $115. My budget was very happy at the checkout.

I used about 9 flowers in each arrangement and ended up with some left-over flowers that I threw in regular mason jars I had lying around to add to some of the ambiance in the room. I pre-mixed the flower food and loaded the mason jar with water before adding the flowers. The arrangements that did the best seemed to have just enough water to soak the foam and maybe a little extra.

For those of you who are curious, the flowers in the mason jars without the floral foam did not fair nearly as well!

I also attached some of the discarded leaves to the top of the roses with flower tape to add some greenery to the arrangement. This looked great when it was first done- but wilted quite quickly. I may skip this addition when I use the jars again, or try to get some greenery with stalks that will reach the floral foam.

All in with the flowers I spent about $200 for 12 centerpieces. That’s $15 an arrangement.

If we figure a florist would have charged me $40 — that’s $400 I saved i.e. could spend on something else!

Thanks for stopping by!