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Getting your hands on all the Photos with Wedding Party App

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In this digital age anyone can snap a photo. You’ve likely lined up the best in the biz to capture all of your precious moments like the big kiss and your first dance as a couple. But you never know whose going to capture your favourite moments of the day. They might never show up in a Bridal Magazine, but one of your guests just might capture a moment that transports you back to the warmth of your wedding day.

The only question is: How do you get your hands on all of those photos that you know were snapped?

Running around after your guests nag-nag-nagging probably doesn’t sound like the most appealing option.

Wedding Party App does the running for you! It is a little App that your guests can install on their smart photo and upload photos all day of you & your handsome groom! It can also help you keep tabs on your guests, they may be posting the fun everyone is having while you two are off getting your couples portraits done.

Once you have set up your wedding, the App itself gives you these great PDF downloads to spread the word amongst your guests.


The “App” is also a Website, so those of your guests that would prefer not to be fumbling with their phones can upload their photos after the day. It also allows any of your fancy-guests with awesome-cameras to upload their quality shots without hassle.



If you want to add some pizazz to your message, get some card-stock in your wedding colours to print on. We included these guys in our invites to give people a chance to download the App before arriving.


We also littered the venue with these larger signs (8″x8″) as blatant solicitation for guests to hand over their photos!

When all is said and done as the administrator setting up the wedding account, you can also download all of the photos that have been uploaded in nice & neat Zip files. So you get all the photos in one nice foul swoop.


With over Seven Hundred photos being uploaded by our guests we received an awesome assortment of photos of the wedding day from so many perspectives! We also got a number of photos that the photographer just wasn’t there for, like rehearsal hi-jinx the day before.

PicMonkey Collage
My furry companion was happy to stand-in for those still en-route!

My absolute favourite part about this app was that you get the photos right away. The day after the wedding, after we caught our breathe, we downloaded all of the photos and went through them laughing and smiling about the things that happened without our knowledge!

Wedding Party App is the 21st century version of disposable-cameras on the table and quite possibly my favourite addition to the day.

Hope you have found your inspiration!