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Printable Dessert Tags

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Attending more than my fair share of weddings, I can honestly say I’ve seen the cake cut …. once? Maybe? I once eagerly waited for this time of the evening in high hopes I might see someone get cake smashed in their face! Usually I hear that it is happening, rush to find the mystical location of the cake cutting just in time to see the couple leaving the cake-cutting area.

The last two weddings I’ve attended boasted SuzyQ doughnuts and maple-flavored cupcakes! The era of the fabulous cake is over — or at least over for now, it will probably claw its way back in someday!

The key to a beautiful cupcake display is the extras: fondue flowers, lazer cut cupcake holders & cupcake toppers!

Unfortunately, the extras can add up in the wallet department. OR in somepeople’s case the bakery can just never call you back when you ask for them. Hrmmmph. BUT! Cupcake toppers are super easy to do yourself & your awesome maid of honor can just pop them into the cupcakes on the day.

Here is a simple example of a free printable from (they also do beautiful customizable invites)


They have lots of awesome free printables on their site. I stumbled across this one and thought it was just the added splash of style I wanted for my delectable display. CockatooFlags1

Here’s how mine turned out:
Dessert tag Printable2

It was quite easy to do! I just printed the print-out onto some label paper I got from Staples, cut the suckers out with good old fashioned scissors and wrapped them around a toothpick. The last step was a little tricky to get them lined up well. I found it worked best if I folded the labels in half around the toothpick BEFORE removing the label backing. This way I could make minute adjustments until I was happy with my pretty little cupcake topper.

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