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The Venue – Memquisit Lodge

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Choosing the venue for the day is usually the first decision you make. This is what sets the tone for everyone’s experience of the day. Is it outdoor? Does it involve a ballroom? Is it big? Is it little? Can I get down and boogie?

We wanted an intimate dinner between family and friends where we could let our hair down and celebrate to our heart’s content.

We chose our favourite lodge: Memquisit Lodge on Lake Nipissing.

First and foremost we needed somewhere for our guests to lay their heads and be fed. Memquisit’s main line of business is actually to rent out adorable wee cabins. We were able to rent 7 cabins for our party of 50. These gave everyone a main base and provided the bridal party an excellent place (with electricity!) to get ready.

Ben&Jamie-9240 Ben&Jamie-9228Getting Ready

Being on Lake Nipissing it also has the added benefit of an excellent view of the lake. I was able to take a few minutes for myself as the mist rose off the lake in the cool morning air to contemplate the day to come. 

Lake in the morning

The dining room itself has 50 chairs and they amazingly accommodated us all. Feeding everyone for breakfast as well as an excellent dinner of roast beef and Wedding Pie. Yum!

They were amazing hosts, allowing us to add our own personal touches to make the place seem like the grandest ballroom in all the land. We rented a dance floor from a rental place in Sudbury ($200), added some garden party lights ($120 on Amazon) and the place transformed.

Dance floor comes together Setting up 2


Our dance floor proved the main attraction of the evening, full to the brim all night long.

Our DJ of choice was Spotify. We had prepared a playlist ahead of time, sourcing requests from a varied selection of our guests. We left the laptop open, allowing guests to add their favourite jams to the queue.

An important aspect to any evening that involves dancing is some liquid courage.

Being in Ontario, we applied for a special occasion liquor permit at our local LCBO.

Since the details of the event didn’t involve selling tickets to 5,000 people or bleachers the whole thing was relatively painless.


Of course we added some homemade wine & our beautiful mason jar centerpieces to add some ambiance.
My wonderful MOH whipped up a batch of cupcakes for us to snack on post-wedding-pie. Find links to the printable tags here.
5 Dinner1
Table Cards by
5 Dinner7
These beauties are custom though. Handmade by that excellent MOH.


To start the festivities off with a pop, we obtained a few bottles of bubbly and some adorable little champagne glasses from Party City

We got 8 bottles of Blu Giovello Prosecco ($13.95 ea) which was a bit overkill as we had 3 bottles left over. Each glass is 60ml so save yourself some trouble & do the math to figure out how many bottles you need. It is a bit more expensive per bottle than lots of other sparkling wine, but well worth it! People enjoy this stuff! No half-finished toast glasses spotted all over the room.

Time to dance the night away.

Thanks Memquisit Lodge for a beautiful evening!


Hope you have found your inspiration!