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4 Island19Any good party needs awesome guests!

The invitation is the first time you have the opportunity to set the tone of your event to your guests. Should they be wearing a sun-dress or a silk taffeta ball gown?

Most sites recommend that you send out the invites 2 months before the big event. Since our ceremony site was off-the-beaten track, the invites were sent out 4 months beforehand and everyone was given an informal heads-up at least 6 months before so travel arrangements could be made.

You know your guests best! How much time will they need to get everything prepared for this day?

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While stranded in an airport for 4 hours I bought my one and only Bridal magazine. It was full of lots of luscious bridal details that were far too much for any budget I was going to have.

There was one advertisement in that magazine though, for Minted a professional stationary website with an answer to all your stationary desires.

Great website, with all sorts of designs!

Once I selected 10 of my favourite designs they sent me a sample of the invites for FREE!

They also print all of your recipient’s addresses on their beautiful envelopes. They are currently offering this service for no additional charge. Aka Free, and free is always good when you’re trying to do so many things!

I was really impressed with the Flat Card invites in person. They were well inked with high quality paper. Just one limitation — SPACE!

I had a lot of juicy details to convey to all of our guests and although Minted does over the ability to add in additional cards with specialised info— they cost ~$70 CND a pop!! As my pockets are not that deep I started to consider their StoryBook option to tell our guests all the juicy details of their Island adventure.



The mini-book invite allows for 3 pages of messages and photos to psych your guests up! The site also offers many add-ons like RSVP cards, inserts for reception details, directions if you want them to all be the same invitation suite.

I still had some extras that I wanted to let my guests in on before the wedding. So I went to my local Michaels and bought some card-stock in the same colour scheme as my invite so I could prepare my own inserts. There was a lot of printing and cutting involved. A good paper-cutter is worth its weight in gold for these projects! However at the end of the day, I was able to share a lot more info with my guests for not a lot of extra dollars.

I have showed up to a few outdoor weddings now, where none of the guests knew it was outside! Showing up to dock weddings in Stilettos and attending an outside wedding in April without a jacket is not recommended. I wanted to keep those guests happy, since we were asking them to join us in the middle of no-where for a whole weekend. I wanted to give them a heads-up of what was in store as to avoid any weather or terrain related pitfalls.


Devise a list of items that your guests shouldn’t be without! You know the area better than anyone else. This will be especially appreciated if your guests are coming from out-of-town or you are planning any awesome surprises– like a S’mores Bonfire after the festivities!

We included everyone’s Cabin Assignment as everyone was bunking in Memquisit Lodge’s awesome little cabins. As well as a link to our Wedding Party App account; this little app really helped gather everyone’s photos of the day.


You can find the invite design at

They allow you to personalize the invite with your names + pictures so you can see exactly what it will look like!

They even let you customize the font.


I was very pleased with our awesome invite. Minted was really able to capture the sentiment of everyone coming from across the lands to come to the ceremony. Everyone travelled by Planes, Trains & Auto-mobiles to get there! Although no-one travelled to Nipissing in a boat, we made sure they all got a boat ride in the deal.

When I got to the stage of mailing the invites off, I discovered you can order personalized Stamps from Canada Post.


Our puppy greeted the guests on the front of the envelope before they even laid eyes on the invite!

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  • What a great post! The invitations definitely set the mood for the whole wedding. Great job!

  • Jamie

    Thanks, Abby! I fell in love with all of Minted’s products. They’re adorable and great quality too!

  • Thanks, Abby! I fell in love with all of Minted’s products. They’re adorable and great quality too!