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Give 30 Days to Adriene Mishler and Rock any Wedding Dress

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The secret to looking great in that sweetheart neckline is excellent posture. If you plum forgot to sign up for etiquette classes as a child and have yet to master walking with a book on your head: yoga is your ticket.

Yoga is the sneakiest form of exercise going. It feels great to hop on the mat and join my friend Adriene in a morning practice. While I was having fun playing with yoga poses, Adriene and yoga have taught me how to keep my shoulders back and away from my ears giving me great (read: much better than this desk dweller had before) posture!

Adriene makes Yoga accessible to the masses through her YouTube channel YogaWithAdriene where she encourages us to Find What Feels Good and helps to develop your home practice. She guides her fans –She calls us the Kula– through the practice with a helpful and understanding hand. Adriene doesn’t tolerate any negative or toxic self-talk. She encourages you to do what you can and come back tomorrow. The more tomorrows that you spend with her, the more you will find ease in your practice and your body will thank you for it.

Find What Feels Good



Adriene releases 20-30 minute practices for FREE every Wednesday on the channel. Last January she took it to another level, putting together a 30Day challenge to the Kula as part of our New Years resolutions to start the year fresh. This challenge is available on Youtube all year round.

Wedding planning can be a stressful time, balancing the needs and wants of your closest family and friends and likely at least one frightful aunt. Join Adriene on the mat, tend to yourself and reset. Allow yourself to enjoy the day ahead.

30days of YOGA Day14 Day24 Day12 Day28

If you want to join the Kula and receive motivational emails from our guide, she also has a website,, where you can sign up for newsletters and learn about all of her other initiatives. Adriene has also put together other at-home programs available for download for a fee.

I have done the Reboot program as well as RISE a morning practice based program. I can recommend both of these programs. All of her practices are awesome!

RISE Reboot

I can also recommend having a session of Reboot the morning of your bachelorette!

My wonderful bridesmaids joined me in our hotel room for an early morning practice before we hit the town.

All you need is the video on your phone and space to stretch out!



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